Girls Frontline Calculator

Girls Frontline Calculator

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girls frontline calculator girls frontline calculator girls frontline calculator girls frontline calculator girls frontline calculator

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Girls’ Frontline calculators. English fork of ynntk4815’s calculators, the original chinese calculators can be found here. English fork of chibimonxd’s auto formation generation, original can be found here. Logistics calculator. DPS/Formation sim. Formation Generator. T-Doll Gacha sim

Girls Frontline EXP Calculator

Calculation: Reach Target Level will simulate battles until all dolls reach the target level. Execute Amount Of Runs will simulate battles based on the amount of runs specified. Use Resources Allocated will simulate battles until one resource allocated runs out.

Appendix 4.0 - Girls' Frontline Corner

Mod for the official Girl's Frontline Discord. Will belt you if you misbehave in ask-help. If you scroll this far down and have something you want added to the list — feel free to hit me up on EN GF's Ask-Help channel. Much thanks to GFC for helping me archive all this. :3

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Batteries per day: 50. Girls' Frontline is Copyright SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd. All images and names owned and trademarked by SUNBORN Network Technology Co ...

Recipe Calculator

Latest Update: NZ75 now craftable (30/10/2019) Red text = unreleased in EN.; Purple text = released in EN however is currently uncraftable (eg. only event reward/drop) and will be craftable in the future. (?) = unsure if correct set. Created by Aaeeschylus & hatsu. Please report any errors, bugs or suggestions to Aaeeschylus#6645 or hatsu#7450 on Discord.

EXP Calculator for Corpse Dragging | Final Version : girlsfrontline

Girl's Frontline EXP Calculator A couple of weeks ago I made an EXP Calculator but it was still pretty incomplete, slow, and buggy. Over the course of two weeks I updated it little by little and now it's at a point where I can say that I am satisfied.

Formations Guide | Girls Frontline Wiki - GamePress

2SG Formation. Use for: SG+MG echelons with 2SG. This is the formation optimized for SG+MG echelons with two SGs instead of only one. Although there are some variations -- such as placing an SG in the center instead of one of the sides -- most of the time to get optimal tile buff distribution from the SGs, they’re used in the corners of the grid.

Girls' Frontline 5* equipment crafting requirement calculator. Manpower. Ammo. Rations. Parts < > < > < > < > Note: All recipes shown are for gold-type equipment, because that's the only rarity that matters. It is possible to grey out all options, for example with a 10-151-10-10 recipe. This merely means that that kind of recipe will produce no gold at all. A piece of advice: Rather than picking a category you want and rolling that you should first roll the most generic recipe possible and ...

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Operation Cube Plus ( 魔方行动+ ) is a time limited operation in Girls Frontline from March 30 th GMT+8 to April 20 th GMT+8 2017. It is an upgrade to last year's summer Operation Cube, with additional maps and more challenging boss fights.The core mechanics remain mostly the same: the entirety of the operation is night combat, which means Handgun T-Dolls and T-Dolls with high accuracy and/or the ability to equip Armor-piercing Ammo or Night Vision will be highly recommended.

Girls Frontline

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