Wot Crew Return Mod

Wot Crew Return Mod

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Automatic return crew - Mods - World of Tanks official forum

Automatic return crew - posted in Mods: In some modpacks, like QBs you have automatic crew switch between tanks. The button is in form a check box like accelarate crew training and its position is near that option. Is there a mod or maybe somebody can make a little mod for that? You just check the box and you transfer your crew from different tanks automaticly when they are selected for sertain tanks, like autotransfer from is6 to is3 etc. It is is a very need option and it makes selection...

Mod Automatic Fire Extinguisher for WoT

There is an exit! The automatic fire extinguisher mod for World Of Tanks instantly activates a fire extinguisher, allowing you to avoid critical damage from a fire. Thus, you will be able to reach the nearest shelter without damage, detect the enemy and do return fire. Download the mod for free in minutes. Follow the link right now and start ...

Hangars for World of Tanks (WOT) - WotBaza.com - free download mods

Hangars for World of Tanks Modifications of the hangar, though not so popular in the tank community, are almost the most beautiful type of mods, allowing you to lift your spirits between battles and even bring a festive mood at certain times of the year.

[] QuickBaby's Modpack v.01 | WoT ModPack

Aweome mod IMO because it almmost doesnt affect FPS as some other mods does, it only lacks IMO the approximately ammount of battles left for next skill in crew. Something else that would be helpfull to know if u can count on a teammate (without pressing alt and checking on the ladderboard) is a thin bar at the left side of the player HP (also displayed on enemy player) so u r able to relise if he will help u in case u need to rush, or if he is a player with low ammount of battles and bad ...

[WoT Female Crew Voices] Is it coming? – MadWoTBMods

Hi Tankers, You might have noticed the recent patch of WoT 9.19, which brings the new Female Crew Voice. Many people have already asked the question, "ARE YOU GONNA DO IT?". Well Yes and No. What does this mean? First the "No" part. As you might have know that WoT changed their sound system to…

webium's modpack - My WoT Mods

This is a collection of mods, that i'm using in the game. Info Content Changelogs Info Content Changelogs Info From version 2.10 there is no need to u...

World of Tanks Tutorial - Crew Transfer

Basic tutorial on how to transfer crews from one tank to another.

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Minimalist Mods By JdgDReDD - J1mb0, Taipan Or Vanilla Sight Mod Packs + Xvm Only Packs in Full or Lite Versions, JdgDReDD's XvM Started by JdgDReDD, 19 Jun 2013 Jimbo , Melty , Vanilla , Xvm and 2 more...